Yaya Papaya



Yaya Papaya Scarf Cat Collar (Limited Edition)

"Yaya Papaya" is used to described a proud person. "Papaya" was most likely used to pair with "yaya" because of their similar pronunciation which makes the term extremely catchy. Eventought this term is unique to the culture of our little island, the title "Yaya Papaya" is definately suitable for all cats everywhere!

Brand: Sneaky Whiskers

Brand Profile:

Sneaky Collars is designed in Singapore and handsewn with love. Each fabric and safety buckle is specially hand-picked with great care to ensure ultimate comfort, safety and with a pinch of stylishness for your little one.


Yaya Papaya Scarf Cat Collar (Limited Edition)
  • $28.00

Product Details



  • Hand-picked fabric for comfort
  • Safety buckle for safe breakaways
  • Adjustable collar around 20cm to 30cm
  • Removable bell




Care Instructions

Remember to leave a gap of at least 2 fingers to make sure the collar is not too tight for your cat. Wash with warm soapy when needed before drying thoroughly after each wash.


Delivery: 7-14 working days