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About etch&bolts

Furniture, customised. For real.

etch&bolts is a furniture studio founded upon two tenets: customisation, and design. But ‘customisation’ isn’t just another buzz-word we toss around to make ourselves look cool: it is our fervent belief that your furniture should be made to suit your home. Through our very-much personalised design process, we work with you to create pieces that will fit into your home just the way you want it to. 

Vocally Local

Founded in 2014, etch&bolts was born on the dusty streets of Keong Saik, in a tiny shophouse unit with one sofa on display and not much oxygen. We’re a Singaporean company, and we are proud to proclaim it every time we get the chance. Our core driving force is a passion for local art and design.

Our aim is to provide quality, design-focused, custom-made furniture without any unfair markups or gimmicks, ensuring that you no longer get the shorter end of the stick

Solid wood, natural marble, granite, quartz - these are a few examples of the premium materials we use to make our furniture. Furniture should be as durable as they are beautiful, and it is by this principle that we choose what goes into making our pieces. By custom-making each piece, we also minimise our inventory and logistics costs, and we pass these on to you. We’ll never advertise ourselves as the cheapest in town, but we can assure you we will make every dollar count.

Design First

Before we are furniture makers, we are designers. At etch&bolts, all furniture design is done locally by our design monkeys. Which is what we call our in-houses artists and designers when they’re not listening.

Our love for the arts and all things local was what fuelled our desire to create etch&bolts, and we are always looking to build the local arts scene. Our store works in partnership with numerous Singaporean designers to bring local-flavoured furniture, homeware and artworks into the light.

Friends, Felines & More

To truly elevate the local arts scene, we must involve the local people. That’s why we collaborate with home-grown artists to conduct workshops and events: art isn’t something for just artists, after all.

Aside from art, design, monkeys and furniture, we also love… pets! etch&bolts is home to owned by four resident cats: Larry, Jojo, Blackie and Bombom. They can be found attending to customers in our store when they’re not asleep (never). As part of our efforts to help the local cat community, we’ve worked with organizations like Cat Welfare Society to raise funds and create awareness.





Our aim is to provide quality, design-focused custom-made furniture without
any unfair markups or gimmicks, ensuring that you no longer get the
shorter end of the stick.