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Austen Dining Table - Round Austen Dining Table - Round

Austen's slender table style design brings a clean and pleasant look that works well with a variety ..
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Barkley Coffee Table Barkley Coffee Table

Barkley Coffee Table crafted out from full solid wood with black powder coated steel frame. It's stu..
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Bolin Bookshelf Bolin Bookshelf
$2,399.00 $2,699.00

Store your stuff within reach yet out of sight for some. Bolin Shelving design makes it just right f..
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Borg Dining Table Borg Dining Table

The Borg Dining Table, offered in either a single-tone finish of natural or dark wood; juxtaposed to..
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Brookdale Brookdale

Slabs of South American Walnut wood are assembled to create a unique bench inspired by nature. Easil..
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Camron Camron

Camron Dining Table would be a great and unique addition to any dining spaces. Perfect in creating a..
$999.00 $1,249.00

Featuring the Suarwood Slab in special finishing , Cohen Accent Table. It's natural nuances of varyi..
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Copa (Black American Walnut) Copa (Black American Walnut)

Have a seat on this bench constructed from Black North American Walnut Woodslab. Place Copa in the e..
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Cruz Dining Table Cruz Dining Table
$1,799.00 $2,199.00

The Cruz dining table is both a sturdy and hard-wearing with a modern look that not only blends in, ..
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Darcel Bedside Table Darcel Bedside Table

Part of the Darcel collection, this cabinet is a modern piece that has clean lines with beautiful wo..
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Denzel Desk Denzel Desk

Sturdy and hardwearing, Denzel study desk cast a sleek contemporary touch in it's form and function...
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Dining Set - Borg Table Dining Set - Borg Table
$2,499.00 $2,746.00

Borg dining table is a two tone finish design that is versatile for both longer sittings and everyda..
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Dining Set - Francis Table (2 chairs + 1 bench) Dining Set - Francis Table (2 chairs + 1 bench)
$2,389.00 $3,409.00

With it’s modern lines and gorgeous grains, this design pays tribute to classic 1960s décor. The cle..
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Dining Set - Rasley Table Dining Set - Rasley Table
$2,889.00 $3,589.00

Rasley's slender table style design keeps the look clean and minimalist with a Danish style profile...
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Elm Elm

Designed with beautiful clean lines, and lots of storage. Thia Elm Media Unit works well on its own,..
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Ethan Coffee Table Ethan Coffee Table

Ethan Coffee Table is a classic functional design that combine the best of both worlds, both a table..
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Farrell Farrell

Our industrial inspired shelf with a cabinet below to hide clutter. Farrell is built with a frame of..
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Fonle Fonle

Fonle Credenza's straightforward aesthetic and sold craftsmanship make it an apt choice not only for..
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Francis Francis
$1,779.00 $2,299.00

With it’s modern lines and gorgeous grains, this design pays tribute to classic 1960s décor. The bol..
Customization Available
Gadi Gadi

You cannot go wrong with Gadi bench. With its clean lines, it is a perfect match for any Scandi-insp..
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