Thumm: Acoustic Dock for iPhone



Thumm: Acoustic Dock for iPhone

The sound of nature, materialized. Inspired by the greatest architect of all time: nature, “Thumm” attempts to recreate a moment of blissful solitude when the sound of nature resonates in the cave and reintroduce her wonder to our modern lifestyle. Crafted from a solid block of beech wood, this sound amplifier dock for iPhone is unapologetically a true homage to Mother Nature and a perfect companion for your favourite tunes.

Comes in two sizes: iPhone & iPhone Plus

Brand: Pana Objects


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Thumm: Acoustic Dock for iPhone
  • $99.00

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Dimensions: L20 x D8.8 x H4.5cm

Material: Beech Wood


Care Instructions

Use a soft, lint-free cloth for regular dust removal. Avoid contact with liquids: clean with water only when necessary, and dry with soft cloth immediately after.


Delivery: 2-3 Days