Classic Porcelain Cheese Platter



Classic Porcelain Cheese Platter

Get a classic platter to match your new enamelware! This platter is large enough for cheese and cakes. It's retro turn modern, entirely different from a marble or wood platter, plus it's non-absorbant and totally easy to clean! Not terribly heavy to lift with one hand either. Has a ridged bottom to raise the platter from the table for easy gripping. It can also be hung in your kitchen looking cute with all your wares.

Brand: Your Lagom

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Classic Porcelain Cheese Platter
  • $18.90

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Dimensions: L35cm x D26cm (Round), L35cm x D10.5cm (Rectangle)

Material: Porcelain

Care Instructions

Oven, microwave, steamer and dishwasher safe. 


Delivery: 2-3 days