The Sploosh Alfresco - Outdoor Bean Bag Recliner



The Sploosh Alfresco by doob Bean Bags

The Sploosh is kind of like a deck chair. Except that it’s way more comfy and softer than a deck chair. So maybe it’s more like a day bed. Except that the Sploosh can take on water, being designed with extra drainage and a strong and durable mesh lining to make sure water doesn’t stay soaked in the bean bag as long as others. Okay so maybe the Sploosh is more like a camping inflatable mattress. Except that unlike an inflatable you don’t have to worry about your doob springing a leak. Alright, alright, so nothing’s like the Sploosh. The Sploosh comes in two sizes, and is a great addition to the balcony, porch or pool area, and can even be used as a float in the pool!*

Brand: Doob

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The Sploosh Alfresco by doob Bean Bags
  • $329.00

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Dimensions: 126cm by 60cm by 67cm (L-Size Single) | 126cm by 110cm by 67cm (XL-Size Double)

Material: Outer cover: Polyester with PU undercoat (removable; spill-proof; wipe to clean or remove and rinse) and Batyline™ Inner bag: Mesh Inner Bag Others: YKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag


Care Instructions

Removable cover can be washed by hand or machine (light, with laundry bag). Wash separately, line dry.


Delivery: 7-14 Working Days