Skateboard- The Muse



Skateboard- Big Kahuna

Get ready to ride with swag – our skateboards are pure visual vibes! Turning the streets into your personal canvas. Grab yours, express yourself, and roll with the freshest skate art!

Discover hand-drawn masterpieces on skateboards in-store!

It goes beyond mere wall art; it's a functional skateboard built with high-quality trucks, bearings, and wheels.


Made-to-Measure Available

Important Information:

- Decks installed with quality griptape for skating.
- For more design/colour options, please make an appointment.


Skateboard- Big Kahuna
  • $289.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L31.85inches x W8.25inches Skateboard

Material: Canadian Maple Wood

Wheels: 54*32-SHR-102A-80% rebound

Truck: 5.25 inches

Care Instructions

Use a soft, lint-free cloth for regular dust removal. Keep away from liquids or flames.


Delivery: 3-5 Weeks