Siegel Outdoor ArmChair



Siegel Outdoor ArmChair

Ingeniously crafted to effortlessly unite a breathable mesh-like weave on the backrest and a sumptuous cushion. The Siegel Outdoor ArmChair is a perfect selection for outdoor environments.

Made-to-Measure Available

Important Information:

- Customisable.
- For more colour swatches, please make an appointment.

How To Customise
How To Customise

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Siegel Outdoor ArmChair
  • $449.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L62 x D60 x H76cm 

Frame: Solid Birch Wood

Upholstery: Cotton and Polyester Mix 

Filling: High Density Foam

Care Instructions

To care for your outdoor furniture, regularly clean it with mild soap and water, and use cushion covers to protect against moisture and UV rays. Store cushions indoors during rainy seasons and inspect and tighten connections to maintain its durability and appearance. Avoid dragging the furniture and consider applying protective coatings for wood or metal frames to prevent damage from weather exposure.

Delivery & Warranty

Production Lead Time: 6 - 8 Weeks

Installation Duration: Within 20mins

Warranty: 1 Years On Site 

Return Policy: 7 Days Return*