Elix Pendant Lamp


Balcony Lighting

Elix Pendant Lamp

Brand: The Madmakers

Voltage: LED


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Elix Pendant Lamp
  • $459.00

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Material: Metal

Dimensions: L100cm x 12cm (small), L140cm x 12cm (large)

Rod Length: 150cm

Care Instructions

Protecting your lamps may seems like a trivial matter. But maintaining it's cleanliness and preventing misuse of the light prolong it's lifespan. 

Always switch off your lights before you start cleaning. Use a feather duster to regularly dust lamps. Wipe glass, ceramic, marble, or plastic lamps with a damp soft cloth.

Dry thoroughly before turning on power. Do not use any harsh abrasives, polishes or chemicals. To help preserve outdoor fixtures, a high quality car wax may be applied to the metal twice a year

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery: 3-5 Weeks

(If in-stock: 2-3 days)

Warranty: 6 months