Auriga: Magnet Set


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Auriga: Magnet Set

The magnet set for your working space, we create shape, you create formation. Auriga refers to one of the constellation in the sky where the possibilities are infinite. Heighten your imagination!

Brand: Pana Objects

We are a humble little brand based in Thailand that hold wood and design very close to our hearts. Pana is the Thai word for forest, therefore Pana Objects means “The Creation from Forest”. We pour every ounce of care, idea and creativity we have into every single detail of our products. We believe in wood and have fallen in love with the charm of its natural beauty. And at this point we’re pretty sure that you feel the same.

To offer you a product with the best quality possible, we personally hand-pick every single piece of solid wood that is used with our little creations. All just to make sure that every single one of our products will reflect the beauty of the wood perfectly. Because beauty that lasts is the only kind that counts.


Auriga: Magnet Set
  • $16.90

Product Details


Dimensions: L2 x D2 x H1cm (each magnet)

Material: Maple Wood


Care Instructions

Keep away from direct heat / flame. Do avoid dropping the magnets from a high position.


Delivery: 2-3 Days (if in-stock)