Stargazing: Meteor Lemon



Stargazing: Meteor Lemon

Brand: Kelly Ser Atelier

Living in Singapore, the light pollution illuminating the city deep into the night has made it extremely challenging for stargazing. Consequently, unexpected sightings of constellations, meteors and planets with the naked eye became unforgettable and much coveted experiences for me. When traveling, I always make it a point to locate the best spots for stargazing – to the bewilderment of many of my travel companions.

With the COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, I decided to create my own take of the night sky, seeking inspiration from the bursts of colours from meteors and supernovas.


Stargazing: Meteor Lemon
  • $500.00

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Dimensions: L60 x H60cm

Material: Acrylic on canvas

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Delivery: 5 - 7 days