Eero Shelving



Eero Shelving

Eero shelving a sleek, modern design that embodies both form and function. With its clean, boxy lines, this shelving unit adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to any room. Crafted from North American oak wood, it's more than just storage; it's a statement piece that seamlessly blends style and practicality, making it the perfect addition to your modern living space.


Eero Shelving
  • $1,899.00

Product Details


Dimension: L110 x D30 x H160cm

Material: North American Oak Wood with Steel

Care Instructions

Use a soft, lint-free cloth for regular dust removal. Clean using slightly damp cloth with luke-warm water with a splash of a mild cleaner.  

Delivery & Warranty

Production Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks

Installation Duration: Within 20mins

Warranty: 3 Years On Site 

Return Policy: 7 Days Return*