Scotch™ Felt Pad Round (12 Pieces)



Scotch™ Heavy Duty Felt Pad Round (8 Pieces)

Brand: 3M

Preserve the beauty of your floors with Scotch™ Felt Pads. Equipped with powerful adhesive and durable felt, these floor protectors adhere effortlessly to the legs of your furniture and provide long-lasting protection from gouges and scratches. They come in multiple sizes and colors, so there's a set that blends perfectly with all of your décor. So help protect your investment, and enjoy your beautiful floors for years to come with Scotch™ Felt Pads.


Scotch™ Heavy Duty Felt Pad Round (8 Pieces)
  • $5.56

Product Details


Size: 38 x 38mm

Care Instructions

  • Ideal for use on furniture, lamps and décor that sit on finished surfaces
  • Easy-to-apply, self-stick design
  • Felt allows you to move furniture easily
  • Reliable protection from nicks, dents and scratches
  • Great for protecting hardwood floors

Delivery & Warranty

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