Scotch™ Bumpons Circle (28 pieces)



Scotch™ Bumpons Circle (28 pieces)

Brand: 3M

Soften the slam with the quieting power of Scotch™ Bumpers. Designed to protect your cabinets and drawers from scratching on the surface, these discreet furniture bumpers reduce impact to absorb sound. They're also great for ensuring your framed art hangs flush against your walls or adhering to the bottom of coasters to protect your surfaces. So, no matter how you use Scotch™ Bumpers, rest assured your furniture, surfaces and ears will thank you.


Scotch™ Bumpons Circle (28 pieces)
  • $4.58

Product Details


Size: DIA 8mm

Care Instructions

  • Dampens closure sounds
  • Great for use on hard surfaces
  • Helps preserve furniture and surfaces from scratching
  • Great for use on vases, ceramics and items that rest on hard surfaces
  • Easy-to-apply, stick-on design

Delivery & Warranty

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