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With an entire Galaxy suspended in a glossy coat, this dish is suitable for small items like jewelle..
$69.00 $99.00

Brand: etch&bolts With its unique design and stylings, the Cleo Tableware Set will be sure to sp..
Customization Available
Cloud Chopsticks Cloud Chopsticks

Dark clouds and yellow thunderbolt. White clouds and bluish rain. Either way there is no tranquility..
Customization Available
Cloud Coaster Set Cloud Coaster Set

Clouds are great at retaining moisture. That’s what these cloud coasters will do for your cold bever..
Customization Available
Cloud Party Picks Cloud Party Picks

You won’t get a zap out of the lightning that comes out of these clouds! The Cloud Party Picks will ..
Customization Available
Coaster Dish Coaster Dish

Our mobile coaster dishes are handmade from scratch and custom made, each piece is different and eac..

Our coin coasters are the first in a series of upcoming products celebrating SG50. Coming in a set o..

The Beyond Basic Concave Dish is one of our favourites; it can be used not only to store our preciou..

A tape holder stripped to its most basic form and handcrafted from concrete and a solid brass pin. D..
Customization Available
Concrete Salt & Spice Caddy Concrete Salt & Spice Caddy

Equally at home on your counter top while you cook or as an elegant table service, this caddy is mad..

Finding the balance between functionality and form, S-CTD-01 is our modern take of a regular desktop..

A functional concrete tray, S-CTR-03 is refined, elegant and functional. Shaped to form a rectangle...

A functional concrete tray, S-CTS-01 is refined, elegant and functional. Shaped to form a square. ..
Customization Available
Copper and Gold Mugs Copper and Gold Mugs

There’s something about copper and gold anything in your home. These mugs are definitely a must have..

Brand: Bleak Illustration Bleak Illustration is a series of endless adventures with seemingly dep..
Customization Available
Cracks & Knots Set Cracks & Knots Set

This 2-piece set could be a perfect gift set for a house-warming party or you could serve your guest..
Customization Available
Crate Crate

Crates look fabulously on their own, they are perfect to be used as storage or decorative piece..

Turn on the sirens, clear the table! A hot and steamy casserole is coming your way. It would be a cr..
Customization Available
Crystal Flow Bowl Crystal Flow Bowl

This multi-purpose container is inspired by the flowing and flexible nature of water, and seeks to i..
$59.00 $89.00

Brand: etch&bolts With its unique design and stylings, the Cybil Tableware Set will be sure to s..
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