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Find The Best Home Decor Accessories & Homewares in Singapore at Etch&Bolts


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Cucumbers and zucchinis don’t stand a chance, Curly Cat is on the prowl! Twist your favourite vegeta..
Customization Available
Curry Puff Curry Puff

What's brown, crispy and irresistible? You got it, curry puffs! A savory pastry revered for its frag..

Oopsy daisy, another baking fail? Not anymore! Just place this flower on top of a cup, crack an egg,..

A great gift, this calendar reminds you of the date, while having a subtle slot between the trees fo..

This paper clip holder is a great addition to the office or study desk. Paper clips included. Comes ..

Classic diamond print renewed with pops of added colour on the pillow.  Brand: Stitches & Tweed..
Customization Available
Desk Bucket Floating Container Desk Bucket Floating Container
Customization Available
Dinsor Stationery Holder Dinsor Stationery Holder

Keep your wit sharp as a pencil and your desk clean as a whistle with the Dinsor. The Dinsor, which ..
Customization Available
Discord Discord

The Rabbit Hole is a conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Usually..

A pretty creation that can be transformed up to 8 shapes! It comes together with a remote controller..
Customization Available
Diving Board Art Print Diving Board Art Print

  Brand: Keeler & Sidaway The Diving Board Art Print is perfect for giving your home some fre..

Experience the joy of giving this holiday season with a special gift for your loved ones. This Dog B..
Customization Available
Dona Drinking Set Dona Drinking Set

Brand: etch&bolts ..

With it’s modern lines and bold design, Donatello set will make a stylish addition to your space. ..
Customization Available
doobsta' by doob Bean Bags doobsta' by doob Bean Bags

Simple in design, yet amazing in how many ways you can use it, the doobsta’ is one helluva bean bag...

Brand: Sneaky Whiskers Brand Profile: Sneaky Collars is designed in Singapore and handsewn wit..
Customization Available
Double Double

Brand: GuerillaX Inspired with multi shades of Grey. The 2 overlapping lamp shades illuminates i..

Inspired by our favourite White Rabbit children candy, this larger than life candy cushion is your..
Customization Available
Dove Door Stopper Dove Door Stopper

Get a Dove Door Stopper for your door to hold your door open. The high quality plastic gives excelle..
Customization Available
Downtown Core Map Downtown Core Map

The urban core that encapsulates the lifeline of Singapore River and drafts the intricacies of herit..
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