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Classic Concrete Salt Cellar with Spoon Classic Concrete Salt Cellar with Spoon

We may have just found you the perfect (stacking) salt cellars. Each salt cellar is cast in a hand m..

White with dark blue trim is the colours that originated from British enamelware. Get a classic and ..

Are you prepared for Halloween this year? Dress up your little one in style to celebrate the trick-o..

Handsewn with love. Brand: Sneaky Whiskers Brand Profile: Sneaky Collars is designed in Sin..
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Classic Porcelain Cheese Platter Classic Porcelain Cheese Platter

Get a classic platter to match your new enamelware! This platter is large enough for cheese and cake..

Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight. Brand: O..

With an entire Galaxy suspended in a glossy coat, this dish is suitable for small items like jewelle..
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Clipic - Easy-Change Photo Frame Clipic - Easy-Change Photo Frame

Framing your photos has never been easier! Choosing just one good photo can be hard, so simply clip ..

This is not an ordinary paper clip, it's Clippen! It holds your pencil close to your notebook or ske..

A little bird told me that your notebook and pencil are inseparable! Clippen holds your pencil c..
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Clispe Clispe

The Rabbit Hole is a conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Usually..
Customization Available
Cloud Chopsticks Cloud Chopsticks

Dark clouds and yellow thunderbolt. White clouds and bluish rain. Either way there is no tranquility..
Customization Available
Cloud Coaster Set Cloud Coaster Set

Clouds are great at retaining moisture. That’s what these cloud coasters will do for your cold bever..
Customization Available
Cloud Party Picks Cloud Party Picks

You won’t get a zap out of the lightning that comes out of these clouds! The Cloud Party Picks will ..

Eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year and contribute to the suffering of ocean li..
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Coaster Dish Coaster Dish

Our mobile coaster dishes are handmade from scratch and custom made, each piece is different and eac..

  Brand: HKliving ..

Concrete Desk Organizer brings together the different needs of a modern corporate Singaporean into a..
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Concrete Salt & Spice Caddy Concrete Salt & Spice Caddy

Equally at home on your counter top while you cook or as an elegant table service, this caddy is mad..
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Concrete Sculpture Concrete Sculpture

Every home needs a centre piece, the one that shouts out "look at me!", the one conversational piece..
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