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Find The Best Home Decor Accessories & Homewares in Singapore at Etch&Bolts


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Remember our small 555 notebook? Now we have the “Huat Huat” version 888 notebook cushion cover! You..
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Abattoir Abattoir

Brand: Noah Garden Centre Noah Garden began to take root when their subsidiary company, had exces..

You can’t not love this cute acorn. But don’t get spooked if a squirrel pops up from nowhere and sip..
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Adamant Adamant

The Rabbit Hole is a conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Usually..

Remember one of our old school boardgames the Aeroplane Chess? Yup! It is a game that you got to mov..

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble... Concocting a delicious potion? Agatha will hold your spoon and r..

With its unique design and stylings, the Alexis Cup Set will be sure to spark interesting conversati..

The All Seasons Glass Mug’s lid and holder cleverly lets you keep your mug clean and hygienic at all..

The Allday wall clock is a refined piece of minimalist and nordic-inspired design. Stained with a po..

Comes in a set of 2. Allie, our champagne coupe (or champagne saucer) goes beyond just holding ch..
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Amara Amara

Feel like spoiling your beloved pet? Look no further than the Amara, a luxurious and comfortable bed..

Brand: Bleak Illustration Bleak Illustration is a series of endless adventures with seemingly dep..

There is no excuse for having boring spice racks or seasoning shakers when you can spice up the dini..

Are you ready for an adventure? Embark on your daily journey with this space shuttle-themed key chai..

A pop of squirrel adds a touch of surprise to this leaf design print with turquoise embroidery. B..
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Arden Arden

An unassuming table that's surprisingly versatile. Arden is a solid ash wood table that has single-t..

White glaze. Handcrafted tableware in a timeless, rounded shape. The subtle, muted glaze lets foo..

The secret of floating arrows revealed! Place the hidden metal holder just behind the book cover, pl..

Brand: Shiok Lighting Founded by a pair of interior enthusiast from the Lion City, Shiok Light..
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Asphalt Floor Lamp with Lux A Asphalt Floor Lamp with Lux A

Brand: GuerillaX Design by Singaporean for new and smaller SG homes. This is the answer for man..
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