Brush Calligraphy Workshop



Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Come join us in the world of traditional penmanship with a modern twist! This workshop equips you with the fundamental techniques in calligraphy which will allow you to develop your very own personal styles using a brush pen. You will learn the formation of minuscules (small letters) using the basics strokes in calligraphy and the joining of letters to form words. This workshop is suitable for all beginners with little or no experience in calligraphy.

Workshop Outline:

- Introduction to Calligraphy
- Understanding Letters
- Basic Strokes
- Formations of Minuscules
- Joining of Letters
- Working on Your Masterpiece


$78 per pax/ $150 per pair


Workshop Duration:

2 hours 30 mins


About the Instructor:

Jayla started her calligraphy journey by picking up a pointed dip-pen out of curiosity and has never been able to drop it since. She found her passion in the realm of traditional penmanship and has been exploring different writing styles and methods. She will be more than happy to share with you some tips and tricks for beginner to get started on your calligraphy journey.


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Jadore studio is founded by two sisters, Jade and Jayla. The name Jadore simply comes from the letter J of their names, followed by the word ‘adore’. They create beautiful things they adore in their cosy home studio. They believe in using art to unwind our mind from the hustle of our daily lives. They also hope that through sharing their passion in art, it allows people to slow down and appreciate art that surrounds us.



Date:          TBA

Time:          4.30pm - 7pm (2.5 Hours)

Venue:        3 Little Road Level 2 S536982

Date: TBA
4.30pm - 7pm
EB Studios @ etch&bolts

Brush Calligraphy Workshop
  • $78.00