Wine Hound - Corkscrew & Foil Cutter



Wine Hound - Corkscrew & Foil Cutter

Wine hound will be the greatest butler you will ever have. With this faithful corkscrew friend around, your dinner guests will be hounding you for refills. Squeeze his black shiny shoes to take the foil cutter off, then squeeze and twist to tweak the foil off the wine bottle. Twist his hat to screw into the cork. Once wine hound's ears are fully raised, push them down to extract the cork.

Brand: Qualy


Wine Hound - Corkscrew & Foil Cutter
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Product Details


Dimensions: L6.7 x W6.3 x H14.5cm 

Material: ABS + Nylon + TPE

Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 Days