Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop [19 Jan 2019]



Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop [19 Jan 2019]

Learn to create beautiful floral wreath in this fun and relaxing experience with watercolour.  You will learn how to create botanical paintings using watercolour in simple steps. In this class,

Workshop Outline:

- Introduction to watercolours, tools and materials

- Basic colour theory and colour mixing

- Basic brush stroke movements in watercolour

- Learn to create delicate wild blooms, branches and foliage

- Create floral wreath of unique personal style


$98 per pax/ $190 per pair

Workshop Duration:

3 hours

About the Instructor:

Jade is a trained digital artist and illustrator who specializes in illustrations and watercolor painting. With a background in fine art, Jade combines her creative side with her traditional art skill to bring idea and imagination to life. She often draws inspiration from the beauty in nature and translates them into illustrations that flow.

Find them here-

Instagram @jadorestudio_ | Facebook @holajadorestudio | jadore-studio.com

Jadore studio is founded by two sisters, Jade and Jayla. The name Jadore simply comes from the letter J of their names, followed by the word ‘adore’. They create beautiful things they adore in their cosy home studio. They believe in using art to unwind our mind from the hustle of our daily lives. They also hope that through sharing their passion in art, it allows people to slow down and appreciate art that surrounds us.

Date:          19th January 2019 (Saturday)

Time:          4.30pm - 7.30pm (3 hours)

Venue:        3 Little Road Level 2 S536982

Date: TBA
4.30pm - 7.30
EB Studios @ etch&bolts

Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop [19 Jan 2019]
  • $98.00

Workshops Details

Workshop Outline

Guide and practice sheet, Quality brush set, 300gsm watercolor paper, Watercolour palette filled with quality paint