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Break the laws of gravity with a defiantly slanted shear cup. Who says everything has to be straight..
Customization Available
Sheepshape Container Jr. Sheepshape Container Jr.

This little lamb is trying its best to put a smile on mummy sheep's face by keeping its surroundings..

This cocktail shot by Propoganda gets straight to the point, with a skull and crossbones symbol to s..

Be a good boy/girl and take your shots. If you want to feel better, you should never defy your docto..

Brand: etch&bolts With its unique design and stylings, the Simone Tableware Set will be sure to ..

Famous for its strength and water-resistant qualities, teak is a preferred choice for being gentle o..

Slate Coasters are an attractive way to protect your table top surfaces from scratches, heat, cold, ..

This 35x25cm slate dining plate is the perfect size as it provides plenty of space for food and visu..

Here's a fresh way to keep the pot's lid open so steam can vent. Just place Slice on the edge of the..
Customization Available
Small Ville: Magnet Set Small Ville: Magnet Set

A magnet set for your working space, designed to make your day more joyful. Comes in TOWN or COUNTRY..

Brand Profile: Euphoramics Euphoramics focuses on handmade ceramics that are both aesthetically p..

Our diva won’t do the dishes for you, but she sure wants to help! This lovely little bath singer wil..

Never lose your socks again! Socks just want to mate for life But the washing machine causes them st..

Potatoes beware! We’re on a mashing mission to make mashed potatoes that are out of this world. Apar..

Don’t let his pretty eyes fool you, this spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re plan..

Tired of having spaghetti leftovers? Spaghetti tower not only stores your pasta, it also measures th..
Customization Available
Sparrow Glass Mug and Lid/Holder Sparrow Glass Mug and Lid/Holder

The Sparrow Glass Mug’s lid and holder cleverly lets you keep your mug clean and hygienic at all tim..
Customization Available
Sparrow Salad Bowl Sparrow Salad Bowl

Welcome this pair of sparrows into your nest with the Sparrow Salad Set. Serve your salads straight ..
Customization Available
Sparrow Server Set (Green) Sparrow Server Set (Green)

Get this flock of Sparrows to nest in your kitchen with the Sparrow Serving Set. The Sparrows consis..

When you're looking for a snack and an empty jar looks back, Splatypus will work his way from bottom..
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