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Matte Hiragana (Wide Low Bowl) Matte Hiragana (Wide Low Bowl)

  Brand: Maelstrom Home The Atocha Collection consists of bowls in resonant red and yellow - ..

  Brand: Maelstrom Home Takarabune is a series of handmade tableware. Each piece is crafted a..
Customization Available
Mint Round Plate Mint Round Plate

  Brand: Maelstrom Home Simple, elegant and always relevant; our Basic plates are timeless, m..

You are hard-pressed to find any couple of macaques as obedient as this. Why not bring them to your ..

This elegant gentleman will keep your razor hanging off his fine moustache. Mr. Razor sticks to your..

Three generations of the Nessie family are here to dive into your cooking and pop out of your pot to..
Customization Available
Nessie Ladle Nessie Ladle

Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie! Diving into your favorite soup or standing by r..

Brand: etch&bolts With its unique design and stylings, the Nuno Cup Set will be sure to spark in..

The odd shape of this ceramic bowl adds character to the dish served in it. The deep ocean blue inte..

When life gives you lemons, Octo will help you turn them into lemonade! It’s the modern twist on an ..

A beautiful, unusual mirror for those who want something different for that dresser refresh. Great f..
Customization Available
Pan Man - Spatula Pan Man - Spatula

It’s Pan Man to the rescue! With his magnetic powers and mighty cape, Pan Man makes flipping and ser..

This charming tea infuser will bob on your tea cup in a charming way; being made of silicone, rest a..

From the depths of your kitchen, Pasta Monsters appear at the drop of a dime to assist you with dinn..
Customization Available
Pearly Vase Pearly Vase

An eco-friendly paper vase is a perfect decorative element for living space. It comes together with ..

In the last 50 years, the penguin population has declined by about 77%. How many will be left if we ..

A playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives. Split the pistachio in two by taking t..

A clear jug with a lid that holds up to 1.8 litres. The ripple lid with a polar bear on the iceberg ..
Customization Available
Retro Double Walled Mug Retro Double Walled Mug

These beautiful coloured mugs were carefully built using a 15 days glass-making technique in an oven..

3..2..1..BLAST OFF! Dream of being an astronaut one day? Start small with this rockets! The set is s..
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