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Carrot Bottle

They say that carrots are very good the eyes. But don't let the appearance of this Carrot Bottle fool you! What better way to store some cold, fresh carrot juice for a sunny day out and about with your loved ones. Add a touch of quirkiness to your life today with this Carrot Bottle today!

Brand: Nestled Ellipsis

Nestled Ellipsis is a sprouting stationery brand. Our products are designed and hand made in the humble dwellings on this tiny isle, Singapore. We take pride in making our products by hand as we feel that handmade products will always have a person's mark on them and one will feel less alone holding it. Hand made products also carries a unique vibe as no one piece is exactly the same. We draw our inspiration from a well of...everything! A word, a symbol, a gesture...can spark off a series of ideas and that's where all the fun begins. We doodle endlessly and experiment with our material till we absolutely love the product ourselves. We feel that understanding the process, concept and idea behind a product allows a consumer to fully appreciate and enjoy the final product. Just like when we are at a museum, when we view an exhibit the aided description provided by the artist always shed a different light on the exhibit. We gain more insight on the exhibit after we understand the artist's idea, intention and process, than before. Similarly, we like to pass on this experience to you too. Hence, in our product page we always try to share our thoughts behind each design and hope our message/idea resonates with you too...enjoy!


Carrot Bottle
  • $10.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L16 x D6.5 x H6.5cm

Material: Anti-Slip Silicone Insulator Sleeve, Glass Interior

Care Instructions

Comes with free bottle-cleaning brush sponge and detachable wrist strap. Wash with warm, soapy water before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 Days