Curly Cat - Vegetable Curler



Curly Cat - Vegetable Curler

Cucumbers and zucchinis don’t stand a chance, Curly Cat is on the prowl! Twist your favourite vegetable through Curly Cat's blades and watch the magic happen! You’ll be left with perfect veggie curls to decorate your plate, garnish your favorite drink, or add to your ratatouille/manchurian dish.

Brand: Peleg Design


Curly Cat - Vegetable Curler
  • $19.90

Product Details


Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm x 2.5cm

Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

• Made of food safe plastic and stainless steel

• Dishwasher safe

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery: 2-3 Days