Spin Portable Sanitiser


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Spin Portable Sanitiser


Brand: Labrador

Why do the bottles with hand sanitisers remind us of drugstores? Let’s play cool and have something unusual, stylish and practical at the same time. We have two models to look at. One is crafted from durable plastic, the other is made from aluminium. Both have original leather lids and strong black straps to carry a bottle either on your bag, your wrist or neck. These are spray bottles and are very easy to use, replenish and clean.

Both models come in a high-quality cotton pouch with a string that looks worthy of an excellent gift to a friend, colleague, or a close one.

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Spin Portable Sanitiser
  • $27.00

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Dimensions: Aluminum - L3 x H12cm, Plastic - L2 x H13cm

Material: Aluminum/plastic with leather top cover

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