Mug - Peranakan (Navy Blue)



Mug - Peranakan (Navy Blue)

This ceramic mug features the Peranakan Tiles commonly seen in shophouses which consists of Peranakan vibrant coloured glazed tiles, often with floral or geometric motifs.

Brand: Now & Then

The Now & Then label of nostalgic collectibles is filled with both historical and cultural values . With an in-depth study of various iconic architectural landmarks that define this tiny red dot, visitors and locals can not only relate and associate with themselved with Singpore, but also share the identity of this country with others through the joy of gift-giving. Looking back at the past 100 years, Now&Then identifies and extracts visual elements of the earliest shophouses to the modern urban skylines and incorporates these elements into a collection that allows everyone to hold onto a piece of Singapore.




Mug - Peranakan (Navy Blue)
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Product Details


Dimensions: DIA7.5cm x H10cm

Material: Ceramic

Care Instructions

Wash with warm, soapy water before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 Days