Moon Ice Ball



Moon Ice Ball

You can’t pick the moon for your love, but you can make moon ice, mingle it with a liquor of your choice and be a helpless romantic!

Brand: The Daydreamer Studio

A dynamic design team based in the Orent, The Daydreamer Studio would like to colour the lives with creativitiy, simplicity and most importatntly, fun! Our team is keen on observing tiny parts of life, and we believe that by using design to add even a small change to a routine, we can create a butterfly effect that will conitnuously make things better and happier.


Moon Ice Ball
  • $14.90

Product Details


Dimensions: L4.3 x D4.3 x H10cm 

Material: Food-Grade Silicone


Care Instructions

Wash with warm, soapy water before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 Days