Monyet Sofa



Monyet Sofa

In the Malay language, ‘monyet’ means monkey, and that’s exactly how we dreamed up the concept of this sofa: our own mad makers monkeying around on cushy bags of fun and goodness until someone thought: how would a monkey look on this?

Yes, we know it sounds bananas.

Yes, the print is designed by our local in-house artist.

No, no monkeys or bananas were harmed in the making of this bean-bag,

No monkey business here!

Monyet is a part of our ARTxFURNITURE collection, where we look to bring furniture shopping from the realm of curation into creation. Because how else better to make furniture you can call your own, than to put a piece of your imagination in it?.

Made-to-Measure Available

Important Information:
- Fully removable covers.
- For more colour swatches, please make an appointment.

How To Customise
How To Customise

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Monyet Sofa
  • $2,669.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L160 x D89 x H67cm 

Frame: Solid Birch Wood

Upholstery: Cotton and Polyester Mix 

Leg: Electroplated Stainless Steel

Filling: High Density Foam (Polyurethane 40kg/cbm) and Down & Feathers.

Care Instructions

Vacuum can be done with an upholstery attachment, using low suction. This will remove the dirt and dust which, when wet, can further dirty your couch if it is not removed first. Spots and stains can be removed using a cloth moistened with mild soapy water-but never detergent. Fabric can be washed and dry-cleaning will be much recommended for most fabric upholstery.

Delivery & Warranty

Production Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks

Installation Duration: Within 20mins

Warranty: 3 Years On Site 

Return Policy: 7 Days Return*