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Mask Sleeve


Brand: Labrador

If you do not know where to keep your mask between use and how to remove it and put it on in a hygienic way, this mask sleeve is a problem solver. You remove the mask from the face holding the straps, place it in the sleeve and then close and fold the sleeve without touching the inside of the mask. With the mask inside, the sleeve envelopes it and protects it from dirt and germs. When you need to put on the mask, you open the sleeve and take out the mask in a fast and safe way.

The sleeve is made from the wood pulp and cellulose fibre, that are fully biodegradable materials. The sleeve is water and tear-resistant. You can clean it with antiseptic or soap. The item is available in black and cream shades and in two sizes - medium and small.

The sleeve comes in a producer’s package.

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Mask Sleeve
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Dimensions: S - L9 x H6.3cm, M - L10.3 x H6.3cm

Material: Wood pulp and cellulose fibre


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Delivery: 2-3 days