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Little India Cushion Little India Cushion

The unique architectural heritage and localised charming lifestyle that Little India offers continue..

A collaboration with The Letter J Supply, this piece is from a hand calligraphy design on handpainte..

With a galaxy painted in a glossy coat of glitter, this dish is suitable for small items like jewell..

Word has it that star-crossed lovers sent romantic messages through these wafers and destroyed evide..

The MAMMALIA series are craft kits featuring ready-to-assemble paper animal trophies. Born from a co..

Keep a little piece of home with you wherever you may roam. A great gift for a travelling loved-one...
Customization Available
Madam Moony Madam Moony

Brand: Concrete Everything Madam Moony is a beautiful industrial concrete lamp that was first de..

What does an average Singaporean do? Walk on the train tracks, queue for limited edition Hello Kitty..
Customization Available
Map of Singapore Map of Singapore

The map of Singapore features aerial perspective of the 718.3 square kilometres island.  25 x 49 ..
Customization Available
Marlowe Marlowe

Crates look fabulously on their own, they are perfect to be used as storage or decorative pieces. Ch..

Brand: GuerillaX Born by nature and shaped by technology, the Marble cord set is made using Mar..
Customization Available
Melze Melze

A Moroccan design print meets modern colours. Shades of turquoise / shades of purple with a hint of ..

Brand: Bleak Illustration Bleak Illustration is a series of endless adventures with seemingly dep..

Our planters are handmade from scratch and custom made, each piece is different and each having thei..

Brand: Concrete Everything A beautiful smooth round concrete lamp with edison bulb on the side. ..

Brand: GuerillaX She's elegant yet versatile, Linear yet voluptuous,Smart & totally efficient. ..

This little hand doesn’t hug you. All it does is sneak in your tea mug and painstakingly prepare the..

You are hard-pressed to find any couple of macaques as obedient as this. Why not bring them to your ..

The MAMMALIA series are craft kits featuring ready-to-assemble paper animal trophies. Born from a co..

You can’t pick the moon for your love, but you can make moon ice, mingle it with a liquor of your ch..
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