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Go Capsule

The Go Capsule Collection: The products are organic living plants therefore the arrangement is unique for each pot. Each terrarium tells some story behind with add-on figurines and other accessories. They are closed terrarium with an anti-condensation solution. 

Brand: Green Banana

Green Banana expresses a passion towards nature. A passion for greenery, an enthusiasm for small unique plants. Urbanites tend to be pre-occupied with work and other matters in life - all the while ignoring the greatest gift from Mother Nature. 

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Go Capsule
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Dimensions: L13 x H22cm 

Care Instructions

Allow the top inch or so of the soil to go dry between waterings, and water at the base of each plant using your watering can or spray bottle. Between waterings, feel free to give yourterrarium a spritz from a mister to promote a humid environment.


Delivery: 3-5 Weeks