Itty Bitty



Itty Bitty

Reminiscent of a spider, Itty Bitty triggers a sense of playfulness based on the subconscious habitual need to fidget in our seats. The feet of Itty Bitty are designed in an arc, allowing a gentle and subtle rocking motion that satisfies the itch to fidget.

Brand: Desinere 

Desinere approaches design through a quiet reflection of relationships between items, people & experiences; to create authentic, honest objects that are refreshingly unexpected.



Itty Bitty
  • $395.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L35 x D30 x H40cm

Material: White Cedar Wood

Care Instructions

Use a soft, lint-free cloth for regular dust removal. Avoid contact with liquids: clean with water only when necessary, and dry with soft cloth immediately after.


Delivery: 5-7 weeks