Intro to Batik: Create Your Own Cushion Cover



Intro to Batik: Create Your Own Cushion Cover

The workshop provides a general introduction to what batik is all about and some of the misconceptions about the textile art. Enjoy a full hands-on learning experience as you are guided through the batik process (i.e. waxing, dyeing and wax removal). Create your very own cushion cover by translating your designs to the cloth within the 3-hour session. Learn about tips to buying, using, storing and protecting your batik collection. 
This workshop is suitable for beginners.

Note: Hot wax will be used as one of the dye-resisting agents. Adult company and supervision is required for participants below 12 years old.

Workshop Outline:

- Introduction to Batik and its misconceptions
- Full hands-on Batik experience guided by the Instructor
- Process involves waxing, dyeing & wax removal
- Design your own cushion cover
- Take home your very own masterpiece, completed with cushion inserts
- Learn about how to buy, store and take care of your textile collection

About the Instructor:

Tony is the workhorse behind aNERDgallery. He is the curator, creative director, business manager and many other hyphenated job titles, all packed into one. On his “relax” day, Tony puts on his nerd glasses and artist cap (two fashion accessories that might not mesh together), experiments with the different batik process parameters and researches on geeky things like natural dye extraction methods and fractal geometrical designs. With his skill and experience as a lifestyle writer and marketeer, he wants to share the art and the artists behind this “misunderstood” medium to the rest of the world. As a result, aNERDgallery was born and hence, a workshop created for you!

Date:         Saturday [TBA]

Time:          3.30pm - 6.30pm (3 Hours)

Venue:        3 Little Road Level 2 S536982

Date: TBA
3.30pm - 6.30
EB Studios @ etch&bolts

Intro to Batik: Create Your Own Cushion Cover
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