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They say that carrots are very good the eyes. But don't let the appearance of this Carrot Bottle foo..

Experience the joy of giving this holiday season with a special gift for your loved ones. This Cat B..
Customization Available
Cayden Cayden
$259.00 $289.00

A modern designer chair with an attitude. Stylish and elegant, Cayden comes with rich fabric upholst..

Look, no hands! You don’t have to drink a lot of wine to see flying bottles. Just take a look at thi..
$28.00 $35.00

This adorable Chicky light is made with BPA-free washable silicone, making it safe and soft to touch..

Some time not too long ago, when cinema sign boards were not digital (yes, and when people still vis..
Customization Available
Classic Basket Classic Basket

A handy basket to keep your belongings neat and organised. Various colour options available. Bran..
Customization Available
Classic Concrete Salt Cellar Classic Concrete Salt Cellar

We may have just found you the perfect (stacking) salt cellars. Each salt cellar is cast in a hand m..
Customization Available
Classic Concrete Salt Cellar with Spoon Classic Concrete Salt Cellar with Spoon

We may have just found you the perfect (stacking) salt cellars. Each salt cellar is cast in a hand m..

Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight. Brand: O..

With an entire Galaxy suspended in a glossy coat, this dish is suitable for small items like jewelle..
Customization Available
Clifford Clifford
$1,079.00 $1,349.00

An elegant design that complements an adventurous and luxurious lifestyle. Clifford has a stainless ..
Customization Available
Cloud Chopsticks Cloud Chopsticks

Dark clouds and yellow thunderbolt. White clouds and bluish rain. Either way there is no tranquility..
Customization Available
Cloud Coaster Set Cloud Coaster Set

Clouds are great at retaining moisture. That’s what these cloud coasters will do for your cold bever..
Customization Available
Cloud Party Picks Cloud Party Picks

You won’t get a zap out of the lightning that comes out of these clouds! The Cloud Party Picks will ..
Customization Available
Coaster Dish Coaster Dish

Our mobile coaster dishes are handmade from scratch and custom made, each piece is different and eac..

The Beyond Basic Concave Dish is one of our favourites; it can be used not only to store our preciou..

Handcrafted from concrete with a conical brass insert. This charming little pen holder will be a per..

A tape holder stripped to its most basic form and handcrafted from concrete and a solid brass pin. D..
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