Concrete Jungle V3


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Concrete Jungle V3

The concrete jungle series is a perpetual concoction of the two most popular and elements of architecture design. It’s raw and completely timeless. 

Concrete + Timber.

Presenting the best of both worlds.

*Please note that color may vary slightly due to the nature of timber and concrete.

Brand: Shiok Lighting

Founded by a pair of interior enthusiast from the Lion City, Shiok Lighting aims to create an online boutique by consolidating intriguing pieces of interior furnishing. Its curated collection is the brain child of the globetrotting stewardess co-founder, drawing inspirations from the world and bringing them closer to home for the likeminded.


Concrete Jungle V3
  • $149.00

Product Details


Dimensions: W12.5 x H16cm

Material: Concrete body, Wood tip

Voltage: 220V
Bulb Technology: E27

Care Instructions

Clean concrete at least once a year to remove normal dirt and grime build up and to remove rust or other stains.

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery: 2-3 days

Warranty: 6 months