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"My Basket" Laundry Basket


"My Basket" Laundry Basket

"My Basket" Laundry Basket

Get your household laundry organized with these labelled laundry basket! These are designed with two handles for carrying convenience. Also, the material is foldable, making our baskets a versatile storage solution.

Brand: Thestyledecor

Founded by an engineer and a fashion designer, Thestyledecor aims to embody fashion and design elements into lifestyle products for a better living. We believe everyone can be their own interior decorator at The Style Decor.


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"My Basket" Laundry Basket
  • $29.90

Product Details


Dimensions: L45 x D45 x H50cm 

Material: Coated Linen

Care Instructions

Do not wash in machine with laundry.


Delivery: 2-3 Days (if in-stock)