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Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker (Assorted)


Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker (Assorted)

Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker (Assorted)

There is no excuse for having boring spice racks or seasoning shakers when you can spice up the dining table or kitchen with the Four Seasons (get the pun?) Each individual shaker cleverly adopts a season of the year, with a little tree sprouting forth from your seasoning. The Four Seasons come with a handy rack and in a nice package which makes it great as a housewarming gift.

Brand: Qualy

Qualy is a brand of home accessories, kitchenware, and stationery and is known for its high product quality, aesthetic design, and usefulness. Designed and made in Thailand, Qualy products and packaging are made of 100% recyclable plastic and recycled paper, and have been tested for food safety to conform to European standards. The brand has a very strong environmental conscience, as can be seen by its nature-themed products, and several of its products have a story or a message behind them. Qualy's goal is for its products to serve as useful and attractive household items, while gently coaxing you into caring for the earth at the same time.


Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker (Assorted)
  • $49.90

Product Details


Dimensions: 4.8 x H7cm | W24 × D7.5 x H1. 2cm

Material: Methacrylic resin (cover) | Polypropylene (animals) | ABS resin (tray)

Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 Days (if in-stock)