Edison LED Bulbs



Edison LED Bulbs

Brand: Shiok Lighting

Prefer the look of Edison bulbs, but afraid that it's consuming too much energy? Choose from the various energy saving Edison LED Bulb designs here!

*Compatible to the regular E27 light bulb holder. Available in different variations.

Founded by a pair of interior enthusiast from the Lion City, Shiok Lighting aims to create an online boutique by consolidating intriguing pieces of interior furnishing. Its curated collection is the brain child of the globetrotting stewardess co-founder, drawing inspirations from the world and bringing them closer to home for the likeminded.

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Edison LED Bulbs
  • $15.00

Product Details


A19 - W6 x H11
ST64 - W6.4 x H14.2
T45 - W4.5 x H11
G80 - W8 x H12
G45 - W4.5 x H7
​​​​​​​Diamond - W9.5 x H14

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Warranty: 6 months