The Oomph-Mini: Spill-Proof Kids Bean Bag



oomph mini by doob Bean Bags

You want best for your child. We understand that. That’s why we made the oomph mini, the best butt-rest a bundle of joy could want. The oomph mini, in keeping with doob Bean Bags’ signature and widely sought-after design elements, has a spill-proof cover with air-vents, a durable inner bag that is locked with YKK™ child-proof zips. The result – a bean bag chair that is perfect for little ones – easier to clean in case of spills, safer from prying hands, and resilient enough to grow up with.

Brand: Doob

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oomph mini by doob Bean Bags
  • $169.00

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Dimensions: Large: L100cm x D80cm x H90cm | Medium: L90cm x D70cm x H70cm

Material: Outer cover: Polyester with PU undercoat (water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash) Inner bag: Polyester – Cotton Others: YKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag

Care Instructions

Removable cover can be washed by hand or machine (light, with laundry bag). Wash separately, line dry.


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