Fwooa by Doob Bean Bags



Fwooa by Doob Bean Bags

"fwooa" is a Singaporean vocal expression, and depending on one's tone, it could convey the meaning of being impressed, or pleasantly surprised. It is also the Japanese expression to convey the feeling of softness and fluffiness.

The fwooa bean bag combines doob Bean Bag's love for versatile designs, with a comfy and stretch fabric, and a curvy aesthetic. Sitting on the fwooa will make you go "FWOOA" as you recline in comfort, impressed by its softness, and the fwooarmrest lets you use whatever device you fancy while you alleviate any wrist or forearm strain.

The main bean bag can be used in a variety of positions, and combined with its stretchy material, will accommodate any posture you prefer, without introducing stress or strain to your back or joints (unlike chairs, pffft). The fwooarmrest further can be used separately from the main bean bag, as a body pillow, an armrest, a headrest, and even a laptop rest.

Get the fwooa right now! fwooa-t are you waiting for?

Brand: Doob


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Fwooa by Doob Bean Bags
  • $369.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L105 x W78cm x H37cm (armrest: L76 x W74 x H18cm)

Material: Spandex Cover, Stretchy Spandex Inner Bag

Care Instructions

Max Floor Area: approx 1.2 by 0.9m

fwooa Cover Measurements: 1.05 by 0.78 by 0.37m

Volume of Filling (fwooa): 240L

fwooarmrest Cover Measurements: 0.76 by 0.74 by 0.18m

Volume of Filling (fwooarmrest): 50L

Cleaning: machine wash in cold water. wash separately.


Delivery: 7-14 Working Days