Felt Balls Rug



Felt Balls Rug

Handmade with love in Nepal, these rugs are made of thousands of individually stitched felt balls, using pure New Zealand wool. These one-of-a-kind rugs don’t only look beautiful, they help better the lives of women in Nepal by providing them with much needed income. The rugs are available in round and rectangular shapes, and in an extensive palette of colours one can choose from. Customised dimensions and colours available

Brand: All Things Felt

A for-profit social enterprise, All Things Felt aims to bring the beauty and age-old traditions of the hills of Nepal right to your doorstep through its gorgeous felt products, that are crafted by women artisans who have been practicing the art for years. In doing so, they help generate an income for these women, and also spread the magic of their products. 

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Felt Balls Rug
  • $170.00

Product Details


Dimensions: DIA80cm (Customisable)

Material: 100% Pure New Zealand Wool

Care Instructions

Vacuum daily in high-traffic or pet areas. Vacuum twice weekly in medium-traffic areas. Vacuum weekly in light-traffic areas. Professional cleaning should be done once to twice a year to remove embedded dirt and grime.


Delivery: 5-7 Weeks