Duo Elephant Salt and Pepper Shaker



Duo Elephant Salt and Pepper Shaker

The ground rumbles when these two elephants come marching towards your meal... or was that just your tummy? No matter, as the ground shakes, so will the elephants as they dispense salt and pepper while you can dispense facts about pachyderms to your houseguests as they are forced to listen. Return the shakers to the provided grass patch when not in use.

Brand: Qualy


Duo Elephant Salt and Pepper Shaker
  • $29.90

Product Details


Dimensions: L9.9 x W8 x H4.8cm

Material: Plastic


Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly before first use. Rotate the elephant’s head (like a screw) to open for refilling salt or pepper. Pour salt or pepper out from the elephant’s trunk. Place the Elephants on the magnetic yard. The legs will attach to the plate securely.


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