Dionysus™ - Timber Wolf



Dionysus™ - Timber Wolf

The Dionysus™ imbues a hint of decadence into the Owners’ decor. With a synthetic shaggy fur cover, the Dionysus™ will convert the most reined-in of guests with its uninhibited comfort. Being truly one-of-a-kind, the Dionysus™ makes a natural conversation piece, yet remains unobtrusive in design. Available in two sizes.

Brand: Soft Rock Living

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Dionysus™ - Timber Wolf
  • $355.00

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Dimensions: L80cm x W65cm or L110cm x W100cm

Material: Synthetic Fur cover; polyester inner bag [Timber Wolf]

Care Instructions

Removable cover can be washed by hand or machine (light, with laundry bag). Wash separately, line dry.


Delivery: 7-14 Working Days