Cat Scratch Post



Cat Scratch-Post

Our Catscratch is strong and unlike most Catscratch you see, we use 1cm-2cm thick Manila ropes to wind around the post. This gives it a more rustic feel. Thick and sturdy, rope recoiling service is available.

Brand: Catlink Singapore

CATLINK SINGAPORE wants to help cat lovers build a safe yet beautiful playground for their fur children. By finding solutions to the problems that they face, we strive to design THE DREAM HOUSE that they so desire. Our specialty is wall-mounted cat furniture.

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Cat Scratch-Post
  • $60.00

Product Details


Dimensions: L45 x D30 x H30cm 

Material: Sturdy Manilla Rope Material

Care Instructions

This rope is a natural plant fibre, which is very durable, but doesn't like to be kept damp, please keep in a dry place to prevent mildew. Being a natural fibre, it is affected by environmental conditions. When wet, it shrinks and tightens, and when warm and dry it becomes loose. Vacuuming is a good way to clean manila. If necessary it is possible to wash the rope gently by hand with a mild soap in cold water, rinse well, then sun-dry naturally.


Delivery: 2-3 weeks

(If in-stock: 2-3 days)

Installation: Free