Why Choose American Walnut Wood Slab?

As live edges tables are beginning to be picked by homeowners in Singapore. We sieve out the differences between American Walnut and all other wood slabs type to let you have a better understanding of what you are purchasing.


Before anything else! Here’s a brief introduction of American Walnut:

Known as Black Walnut, origin from North American regions. This wood type is considered more resistant to denting and wear as compare to other furniture wood types.


American Walnut has a natural cool walnut colour, that requires no artificial staining. Keeping it as original and natural as possible. It’s definitely the reason why you are looking for a live edge table.

( Please do not mistaken staining as wood finishing. Wood finishing is a protective layer that are coated on after the process of sanding and staining, and that’s essential in all furniture making.)

There are cheaper options such as suar wood stained to walnut colour, to make it looks as similar to American Walnut wood slab. However, even though it might look similar, but the wood type itself is much more susceptible to cracks in Singapore climate. The American walnut doesn’t change its look much over the years. It just increases in its density.



American walnut wood furniture is designed to last. They are of dense solid wood, which makes it an ideal material for furniture. They are also considered more resistant to denting and wear.

Gorgeous Natural Look:

American Walnut wood slabs expose the natural wood grains and organic characteristics. Definitely an easy way to give your interior an unique style. Let these statement pieces be the talking point of your guests. The most beautiful thing about it is that each piece is unique and no two are the same. And if you are into live edge wood cut, check out these new American Walnut Wood Slab pieces here.


Grain and Texture:

American Walnut slabs have relatively straight grains. However, Suar wood has a chance to be interlocked and wavy in its grain. Both are medium in texture. The Suar is considered more coarse and may require more finishing as well due to its larger pores.



American Walnut might be consider a higher end products, but you can always find great deals when the furniture stores are having promotions: po.st/nrXh46

It’s always good to have quality pieces of furniture around that will last for years.