Top Picks for Printed Cushions

When it comes to shopping for cushions, we are often plagued with so many designs and styles, in an assortment of colours – in fact, it may get a little overwhelming at times.

When matched well, printed cushions have the ability to bring out bits of your personality to your home. Here are some of our favourite cushions, as well as some tips to help make your cushion-shopping a little easier.


#1 Ultimate Superhero Fan

Always wished you lived in the Marvel universe? Now you can! Indulge your inner geek by showcasing your favourite hero on your couch.

Quick tip: match the cushions with similar superhero-themed colours by adding a dash of blue or red to neutral colours in your interior.

Featured: Superhero Time 4.0


#2 Artisanal Cushions

Each piece hand made in limited quantities, with fabrics sourced from around the world, these cushions are for those who appreciate the craft that goes into making each piece so unique.

*psst… You can only these exclusive cushions in-store at 3 Little Road, Level 2, S(536982)

Featured: Fred&Bobo assorted cushions


#3 Schooltime Nostalgia

If you hated doing your homework when you were young, know that you are not alone. These school-themed cushions are sure to bring a sense of nostalgia back home, regardless of how much you hated (or loved) school.

Featured: Jotter Book/ Multiplication & Metric Conversion Book


#4 Clean Minimalist

The chic, minimalist user of today likes things clean and simple. By keeping to a strict palette of whites, greys and blacks, it allows one to ease up on the visual clutter in the house. Here are some cushions that stick to the monochrome colour theme, yet not losing on a touch of humour and character.

Featured: Singe/ Eyesolated Series


#5 Countryside Bumpkin

For those who love the good, ole’ countryside, a couple of nature-themed cushions would bring the warmth and vibrancy of the countryside lifestyle to your living space. With soothing pastel hues and wildlife motifs, these cushions are best matched with muted Scandinavian colours in the interior.

Featured: Billo


#6 The Patriot

Speckled with distinctive Singapore icons, these cushions will look good all year round, be it National Day or not. To the true national patriots out there, here’s a good way to show your guests how much you love Singapore, without having to say it out directly.

Featured: Little India/ Tiong Bahru


#7 Nature Lover

Love gardening? Don’t hold back on your love for flora and fauna with these nature-themed cushions. Here’s a tip – match these cushions with a wood-framed sofa. The natural wood finish of the frame will blend in perfectly amidst the foliage.

Featured: Fleurs/ Feuille


#8 Victorian Beauty

The leather Chesterfield sofa is a timeless design first created in the 17th Century, and is commonly used as a centerpiece in a Victorian-styled home. If you’ve got one at home, these are the cushions for you! Who says you can’t match prints with the Victorian look?

Featured: Wonderland


#9 Abstract Artist

If you’ve got an abstract art painting in your home, why not also get some cushions to complement them? With these snazzy cushions, life at home can never get too boring.

Featured: Redite/ Ysici


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