Things That You Should Know.

Specialising in customisable furniture, you often hear the word ‘customisation’ being used frequently at etch&bolts. But of what kind, how, and the options exactly?

Wonder no more, as we answer some of your common queries in this post.

  • Specialises in sofas and solid wood furniture

    Our furniture are made from a range of solid wood, such as Ash, Oak, Walnut, Ebony, and Birch. Built to last, these pieces are designed and produced for durability and quality.

  • Lead time for sofas 3-5 weeks only

    Our highly versatile sofas come in many styles and we provide many options to play with. Every piece made to measure, we make sure that every sofa is made to fit your preferences and lifestyle habits. This can all be done within a short lead time of 3-5 weeks

  • Over 100 colour swatches

    With more than 100 colour swatches in fabric and in leather to pick from, you can be spoilt for choice – which is a good thing. This gives you the flexibility to pick a fabric not just for the colour, but for its texture, breathability and washability etc that bests suits your needs.

  • Seating comfort options at no additional cost*

    We understand that the definition of comfort is a very subjective thing – it might be firmer for some, and softer for others. With 3 default seating comfort levels with corresponding fillings (standard, firm, firmest) to choose from, chances of you finding a comfortable fit increases greatly. Alternatively, you could opt for the premium option (additional $220), which comes with added layers of latex and down feathers for extra comfort.

  • Wood colour options at no additional cost

    A choice of 4 wood colour options (Natural, Mahogany, Walnut, Black) means the wood furniture and pieces can all be done in a colour tone that coordinates with the rest of the furniture at home.

  • Length of furniture

    The length of our sofas, dining tables, benches and shelvings can be extended, or shortened according to the different sizes of different rooms. No longer do you have to worry about the odd piece of furniture looking too large or small in proportion to the room!

  • Only full solid wood quality

    That’s right. Full solid wood: no MDF, veneer or laminate.

  • All sofas from etch&bolts can be customised to L-shaped

    Customisation is available for all our sofas, which include the option to have them in L-shaped, for any model you wish. This gives you a wide range of L-shaped sofas to choose from, in a variety of styles available.

Email to for furniture customisation and product enquiries.

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