Interior Design Tricks That You Should Know

Whether it would be a hipster café or small restaurant that you are opening, you need to know these top 5 interior tricks. You can have all the different themes, minimalist, industrial or even English country for your interior.

Most importantly, the interior must show your café or restaurant’s personality. Here are the top 5 most common interior tricks, which can be applied to different themes





Quality Furniture

Customers are constantly coming into contact with your furniture. Do invest in good quality furniture. If it is wooden furniture, choose hardwood over veneer.

Veneer tends to dent or chip easily which may cost more in the long run. You may read more about choosing wooden furniture in our previous post. Chairs that are heavy are also sturdier.



Dark Furniture

Darker coloured furniture will create a cosy feel immediately, they are also easier to maintain. Most food would look good on white plates, which would pair well with the dark finishing of the tables.

Use lights to brighten up the space if need be or the chairs could be lighter colours. This contrast would liven up the space.


Benches over Chairs OR Bar Counters

As long as there are parallel lines that run against the wall, it would make the interior look more spacious. Having benches instead of chairs would also create more seating space.

If you are targeting single diners then having bar counters could be a good idea as well.


Movable Furniture

People can come in alone or in huge groups. Having furniture that can be pulled together to accommodate different group sizes is one the trick. Sharing tables may be getting more common but most people still want their little space to have their conversations.



People have conversations over meals and drinks. One common mistake many cafes make would be to have lousy soundproofing. Customers land up having to raise their voices, making it a less positive experience.

It could be made worst if there was music playing. Most of the time it could be due to the low ceiling height or having too many “reflective” surfaces (i.e.: Glass)


Having more wood or fabric could easily solve this issue. One of the trick many cafes use is to have an uneven wall (exposed brick wall) or wooden surfaces. Having cushions can also be a consideration.


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