Batik Dumpling Cushion



Batik Dumpling Cushion

Looking for something squishy to hug? Inspired by the triangular shape of the traditional game "Five Stones", which shares the same shape as the Singaporean Chinese glutinous rice dumpling "Bak Zhang", This pyramid cushion is not only a tease, it's much more huggable than your regular squeeze! If you already have a cushion, just buy the covers to change the feel of your living room!

Brand: Indie Mama

Indie Mamashop creates and curates interesting and functional items and gifts that improve lives- not just yours. We are a social enterprise registered with raiSE, on a mission to create income opportunities for the economically-disadvantaged in our community. Behind every item in the store is a consideration of how we can reframe the work related it, so that someone who needs income can finally participate in the economy.


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Batik Dumpling Cushion
  • $38.00

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Dimensions: L50 x D50 x H50cm 

Material: Polyester Cushion Stuffing, 100% Cotton Envelope Cushion Cover

Care Instructions

Turn inside-out before washing in a machine.


Delivery: 1-2 Weeks